What Is The Best Type Of Mp3 Player To Use While E

What Is The Best Type Of Mp3 Player To Use While Exercising

So what should I considering when I am looking for what is the best mp3 player to use while exercising? In this article we will look at some of the different types of mp3 players that are suitable for using when exercising.

However, one of the most important features that you should look for in a good mp3 player to use when doing any form of exercise is a small one. Even those with a memory of about 2gb can easily contain over 400 songs on them without you having to carry any extra weight around.

There is another great mp3 player that is part of the Apple iPod family. This player may be better than the iPod mini as it is even smaller (about the size of a pack of gum) and it has some great features also. What this particular iPod mp3 player does is allows the user to shuffle all the music in their library in to any order they want so they will never know which tune is going to play next. But apart from this the Shuffle comes with all the other features to be found on the other mp3 players in the iPod family.


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